The question we get asked the most and how we answer it
Confidence comes from repetition - but beware hazardous zigzagging
Why beliefs shape our reality and how to dispel them.
How to remain remain sane (and married) when you write a book with your life partner plus a monthly link round-up.

February 2023

That difficult closing question. How to end a book talk and the joy of close down rituals.
The origin story of a book
Set in a dramatic, steep-sided valley, Hebden Bridge is the perfect location for stories - both fictional and our own.

January 2023

After a decade of helping other people to write, we've written a book distilling what we've learned. This is who we are and how we got there.

August 2022

This is Breakthroughs & Blocks, a newsletter about the highs and lows of the creative process by the authors of Written.