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I'll always get the most done on the days I feel have the least time. I know this about myself and STILL I insist on waiting for slabs of time to appear, in the belief that I'll be able to carve something great out of them. I always do my best work when it's a snatch and grab situation between other things, and I think the energy of that is often present in the writing too. When will I learn...

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May 4Liked by Bec Evans

I have felt so discombobulated all week (any excuse to use that word but it's true!

Had some potentially great news about my writing though today so feeling reinvigorated to push on through the rest of the week before more of the same next week!

I've just finished Chapter 2 of Written and I'm recommending it to all my writer friends :-)

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So many bank holidays pushes me right off balance. I don't have a set time for writing but I still feel like someone has stolen a few hours from me!

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