Sitemap - 2023 - Breakthroughs & Blocks

The gift of books

Tip 18: Chris and Bec’s favourite tip

Let the restivities commence

Tip 17: Find your writing peaks at the end of year

Harness that finishing feeling

Tip 16: One tip to rule them all

The power of community 🤗

Tip 15: Increase your luck surface area by finding your tribe

Compete or collaborate?

Tip 14: Make writing the highlight of your day

Are you a people person?

Tip 13: Conduct a writing pre-mortem

Writing accountability - find your people preferences

Tip 12: Master planned spontaneity

Had a breakthrough? Build on it.

Tip 11: Trick or treat?

The power of noticing good things

Tip 10: Take the 10 minute test

Preparing to write - a ritual for creativity

Tip 9: Scale back

How many days does it take to build a writing habit?

Tip 8: Shake it up (to stop your routine becoming a rut)

Are you a 'hobbyist' or a 'serious writer'?

Tip 7: Make writing less of a priority in your life

What Substack missed about writing habits

Tip 6: Bright-line goal setting

Failing to focus & write? It’s not your fault.

Tip 5: Design a shut down ritual

What does resilience mean?

Tip 4: Visualise your writing goal

Why choose to do hard things?

Tip 3: The cliff-hanger effect

How to distract a lizard

Tip 2: How to find distraction-busting solutions

How to stop getting distracted

Tip 1: How to know if you are procrastinating

What stops you writing?

False summits - the uncertainty of writing

Why writing isn't like following a recipe

The problem with motivation

Dog biscuits and bite size chunks

From slumps to sparks

How to start writing

Acknowledging progress

Moving targets & changing goals

5 ways to turn your midyear slump into a spark

Does dreaming big work?

Writing goals - love them or loathe them?

About Damn Time

How writers find time to write

Time management and accepting the impossible

No time to write? Here’s a solution.

About time

The prioritisation conundrum

Unlock the block

Managing the procrastination problem

Your writing superpower

How to take writing 'advice'

How to finish

The ups and downs of writing confidence

What writing myths do you believe?

4 lessons from co-authoring a book

What’s the one thing you’ve learned?

How a writing block led to a breakthrough

Writing in Happy Valley

How we got to Written